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Michelle's smear campaign...

I wanted to bring up about good ole' Michelle's Facebook she put up to smear Murt.  She went on a binging campaign to RSS Murts feeds into a FAKE Facebook page and then let her groupies comment on the RSS feeds of Murt's twitters.

When I was able to come back to the internet after my grandson's death, I saw my name was also included in her smear campaign.  From whom was the RSS feeds coming from that Michelle allowed?  Donna, you guessed it.  Of course hiding her identity at that time under SimplyNotDivine Twitter and later disclosing who she really was, Donna in my opinion partook in the slandering of my daughter too.  Doesn't matter who left how many comments about my grandson's death and their twisted version of why a memorial site was put up for my grandson, Donna was involved nonetheless.  Donna claims she only brought up my grandson once.  Sorry Donna before that FAKE Facebook was taken down due to its vulgarity and the talking of a deceased child, I took many screen shots of your RSS feeds that were placed on the page.  I just am so elated with your innocent act you have been betraying the past week, Donna.

Here is one, just one of the comments that were left on the FAKE Facebook that Michelle put up.

Here they are talking about my daughter, Angie and her son:

 Nice group you hang out with Donna.

Have many more where that came from too...
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Email Privacy?

Donna is now complaining about her name being put on this blog per her twitter.  Well Donna, since you sent me an email with your real name on it and gave me permission to post the email with your photo on it, then all bets are off on the privacy issue.

When you posted this (screen shot below) were you not thinking?  I have all your twitters where you stated my full name and the name where I used to work.  So you now are complaining that YOUR name is on a blog?  Oh and what about your 3 other twitters where you place my FULL name, Donna?

Remember Donna you can't complain when you do it yourself.  Plus once you hit that send button, and you do not specifically say within the email do not disclose my REAL name, I am not obliged to what your attorney says.  Check with him, Donna.

Per Donna's Twitter:

And Donna, you may want to check with your attorney about making false accusations with regard to Lexis Nexis too.  Oh did LexisNexis ever find your "lost" report?  Thought not...

Oh and on your other TWITTER name you did mention my name, so suck off.

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How convenient...

This taken from Donna aka SimplyNotDivine aka STCB aka lying, hypocritical, sack of crap!  I found this to be ohhh so very interesting and so does Lexis Nexis, DONNA.

How many more stories are you gonna come up with?  I know... many to cover your lies and tracks.  You knew full well what you were doing to me and to Murt, yet you deceived us into thinking you were doing "what was right" and I call bullshit.

The only friends you can get, are those that you kiss their butt and go along with their lies and cruelty.  How is that working for you Donna.  Karma catching up to ya?

Well heres the screenshot of Donna's latest rebuttals, I mean cover ups.

Lexis Nexis "lost" your report?  I think not. Well at least they still have my complaint filed against you and your cohorts.  Lexis Nexis doesn't like when they are told their security has been broken into Donna.

Furthermore, you stated on your twitter after reading this blog that you ONLY brought up my Grandson one time.  Well Donna ONCE is enough don't ya think?  Plus I have many other screenshots of you saying things in response to others about my grandson and my family.  You are rotten to the core and you are infected with hate.  Why else would you say such cruel hateful things about a baby that passed?

Best check your own spirit Donna.  Maybe that is why you are the way you are.  Ever think on that one? Hmmm... a big hmmm.
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Let's talk about Donna...

This is Donna known to others as STCB.  Well that is before her transformation into SimplyNotDivine on Twitter. And to think she calls me clown hair? Hmm....

But Donna gave me full permission in an email to post this photo on my blog. So I am obliging to her wishes.  Donna was upset when a chat room who was ran by SBD, a particular person was using an old pic of Donna while she was ill.  The photo they were using was Donna in bed with a bunch of pill bottles behind her.  Oh how they trashed her and called her a drug addict and all sorts of things!  I was quite appalled at the photo too... but this chat used many peoples photos as their icons and such.  They would use screen names degrading handicapped people and used deceased childrens names such as Caylee Anthony.

Just so it's clear I am using this photo of Donna LEGALLY below is the email she sent me giving permission to use it:

As you can read - Donna clearly gave permission to use her photo.

Now why am I so interested in presenting Donna to the world right now?  Well for starters, on her SimplyNotDivine Twitter she has stated some pretty nasty stuff!  Not only her NON involvement with doing searches on Alex Goddard and Tracey Roddy, but also make comments such as this:


As you can see by the date she posted this, and thinking I am this person simplyfulofit, she knew full well that my grandson passed away on Memorial Day.  She even sent me an email sending condolences!

CLICK to enlarge...

Nice FRIEND huh?
Yet not even 2.5 months later she begins a smear campaign on me as SimplyNotDivine on Twitter.  Why?  Got me.  Never spoke to her after that date of May 31, 2010.  Murt did send me some emails from her stating she was being investigated thanks to Murt and I and twitter accounts.  Before I post those let me say that this SimplyNotDivine Twitter account was created on August 3, 2010.  It may have started sooner but that is the first tweet I see.  But her emails are dated much later.  If she is being investigated why is she creating a fake Twitter name and at first pretending it was not her?  Here are the emails:

And Email number 2 CLICK to enlarge...

Now my question to Donna is with regard to these emails where did I state she accessed LexisNexis.  I didn't.  Another bold face lie.  But Donna is good at lies.  She states I was doing searches and such on Alex and Roddy?  Well, I will be putting up all the emails and chats Donna and I exchanged.  I will show how Donna was doing searches not only on Alex and her family.  But also the tax case.  I will show also how Donna found the sites for Mr. Roddy's son and his child support case.  In the chats you will see detail after detail of how she walked me through sites and stating things such as oh you need an attorney to access these and another statement of how she said one site you have to pay .08 cents to view each page and STATING she was going to after her hubby left the next day.

I will create a whole page dedicated to Donna and her information seeking skills.

But first let me show all how Donna came on board as SimplyNotDivine stating she is not STCB, then later revealing she was and didn't care if anyone knew...


But here after 100's of tweets she raised from the dead...

Yes Donna, everyone knows who you are.

So here are just a few for starters...


Click to enlarge



Hmmm admission of the Rip Off Report??


Oh Alex I have so much more of what Donna investigated on you...
Have many more on Tracey in my files...

Donna is going to pay for searches


Twitter Dashboard
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Stalkers on the Net...

After much thought and viewing of the recent twitters that have been circulating, I have decided to place my own experience and proof of what this hate group has been alleging I have done.  What really ticked me off was when I saw Donna aka StopTheCyberBullying (known by this name a few months back) reference my deceased grandson.  Back just a few short months ago Donna was performing searches on Alex Goddard and Tracey Roddy.  She would connect with me in a google chat and give me links to where she was searching for information on them.  At one point she stated she was going to pay to get the information (screen shot will be provided) but she had to wait for her hubby to leave the next day.  I have all documentation that will be presented in this blog.

Now Donna is going under other alias such as STCBReturns and SimplyNotDivine on Twitter.  She once was on the side of the haters and then decided she did not like what was happening and how Beaconhell was treating Murt and many others.  Including those that are disabled and elderly.  So she joined forces to exploit them.  She publicly apologized to Murt on his blog for "turning against him" and many of his supporters wrote him stating do not trust her.  Well, he should have listened, and so should I have.

It now appears Donna is back on the side of this hate group.  Maybe she got too much harassment or threats, I do not know.  Last time I spoke to her was when she sent me an email stating she was sorry for what happened to my grandson and she was not on the net due to medical reasons.  That she was in no part involved in what they were doing.  Particularly on a fake FaceBook that is alledged Michelle McKee made.  In this FaceBook not only did they RSS feed Murt's twitters but commented on each of them in vulgarity and slander.  When it was brought to my attention that they were mentioning the death of my grandson on this FaceBook page, I of course viewed it further.  Once my daughter who was the one who lost her son, saw what they were writing about me, she came in as a defense.  Needless to say they ripped her to shreds.  Went as far as to say that her "child must of died from the poisonous venom coming from her breasts." I have those screenshots as well and will provide them further on in this blog.  After many complaints to FaceBook not only about the content, but about the slanderous lies and mentioning a law firm that I worked for, FaceBook removed the page.

Now this group moved onto Twitter.  They post personal information about others including myself.  But always throw a twist into it.  They go under hideous names and use profanity at its finest.  They threaten to ruin reputations, call businesses, wish death upon others, and claim I am going under all these twitter names to harass them.  Not true.  I have a twitter account I used to communicate with them under my real name.  Not all the false ones they post stating it is I.  They go on to say that I stole a password from the law firm I was employed at.  The password is to an account namely, LexisNexis.  False again. They say I am under "investigation" and will be arrested.  Interesting, when I phoned them there was no investigation and even offered me a complimentary report on myself.  Which they did provide via postal mail.  That was a month ago.

The purpose of this blog is to show emails and chats of how Donna aka STCB was preforming searches on others.  How she went into chat rooms under alias names.  How she wanted information on all people. 

I find it interesting that now Donna is claiming I did these searches.  Funny how one has to lie and deceive in order to "fit in" to a group.  Like I said, I didn't pay much attention to it until this hate group brought up my grandson.  Now I feel its necessary to show all.  In the posts to follow you will see concrete proof of how Donna used search engines and how much she despised Alex in HER own words.  I refuse to stand by and take the fall for something Donna did.  Now mind you, yes I was on the receiving end of her links and emails.  Yes at the time another blog was in place and Donna was very upset that Tracey Roddy allowed the mention of her daughter on his blog.  That is what set her off to do the searches to begin with.

All copies of emails, chats and so forth will be provided within each post.  I will be dissecting bit by bit so it is read correctly.  And the other purpose is for my own filing with regard to slander and defamation of character.

I have had enough of the cruel activities of this group.  But to make up lies and accusations, in addition to taunting me about the death of my grandson, well enough is enough.

Twitter Dashboard
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