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How convenient...

This taken from Donna aka SimplyNotDivine aka STCB aka lying, hypocritical, sack of crap!  I found this to be ohhh so very interesting and so does Lexis Nexis, DONNA.

How many more stories are you gonna come up with?  I know... many to cover your lies and tracks.  You knew full well what you were doing to me and to Murt, yet you deceived us into thinking you were doing "what was right" and I call bullshit.

The only friends you can get, are those that you kiss their butt and go along with their lies and cruelty.  How is that working for you Donna.  Karma catching up to ya?

Well heres the screenshot of Donna's latest rebuttals, I mean cover ups.

Lexis Nexis "lost" your report?  I think not. Well at least they still have my complaint filed against you and your cohorts.  Lexis Nexis doesn't like when they are told their security has been broken into Donna.

Furthermore, you stated on your twitter after reading this blog that you ONLY brought up my Grandson one time.  Well Donna ONCE is enough don't ya think?  Plus I have many other screenshots of you saying things in response to others about my grandson and my family.  You are rotten to the core and you are infected with hate.  Why else would you say such cruel hateful things about a baby that passed?

Best check your own spirit Donna.  Maybe that is why you are the way you are.  Ever think on that one? Hmmm... a big hmmm.


Anonymous said...

LN lost a report? Righttttttt! Donna is such a brown nose she would say anything to save face with Prinnie. Loser.

Yes I do remember on Shortbusdudes chat comments them saying wait do we have proof a child really did die? Or is this annie trying to fool us? Then I saw you put the link up to the funeral home with little Bradlys name there and they mocked you for doing it. No one can win with this group. All full of lies. Donna is saying no one asked if it was true on her twitter. Yes Donna they did.

Why do they call you clown hair? I look at Donnas pic and think how does she have the nerve to talk about your looks???? No beauty contest won by Donna that is sure. They are all jealous cause you are way prettier than all of them.

Anonymous said...

SimplyNotDivine writes-
"Sorry for the ranting this morning but It pisses me off when they accuse us of following them and they r the ones that are."
But she sure is following your blog! LOL

Annie said...

I too, thought it was convenient that LexisNexis lost her report too. Unreal...

Also Donna states she is glad she saved the email with the link to....? Well if she is talking about LexisNexis I am sure glad I saved the chat where she asked for the link. But no where is there information where a password was given. It was in a convo where Donna is asking for search engines to find info on others. I told her specifically that you cannot access Lexis Nexis. Once again she lies as she did while she was against Alex.

Annie said...


Just read some very interesting emails Donna sent Murt on Sept 14th. Nice try Donna about trying to say I was the one that brought Traceys son. No, you were the one looking for the drunk driver that hit him. I have those chats as well. Recall? Your word is crap. So keep putting on the show for your groupies. If Tracey would like to see YOUR comments about how you HAVE to find the information he can email me and I will send them. Those have been given over to who is overseeing the LexisNexis claims. Infact all of your chats on searching out others have been.

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