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Email Privacy?

Donna is now complaining about her name being put on this blog per her twitter.  Well Donna, since you sent me an email with your real name on it and gave me permission to post the email with your photo on it, then all bets are off on the privacy issue.

When you posted this (screen shot below) were you not thinking?  I have all your twitters where you stated my full name and the name where I used to work.  So you now are complaining that YOUR name is on a blog?  Oh and what about your 3 other twitters where you place my FULL name, Donna?

Remember Donna you can't complain when you do it yourself.  Plus once you hit that send button, and you do not specifically say within the email do not disclose my REAL name, I am not obliged to what your attorney says.  Check with him, Donna.

Per Donna's Twitter:

And Donna, you may want to check with your attorney about making false accusations with regard to Lexis Nexis too.  Oh did LexisNexis ever find your "lost" report?  Thought not...

Oh and on your other TWITTER name you did mention my name, so suck off.


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