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Michelle's smear campaign...

I wanted to bring up about good ole' Michelle's Facebook she put up to smear Murt.  She went on a binging campaign to RSS Murts feeds into a FAKE Facebook page and then let her groupies comment on the RSS feeds of Murt's twitters.

When I was able to come back to the internet after my grandson's death, I saw my name was also included in her smear campaign.  From whom was the RSS feeds coming from that Michelle allowed?  Donna, you guessed it.  Of course hiding her identity at that time under SimplyNotDivine Twitter and later disclosing who she really was, Donna in my opinion partook in the slandering of my daughter too.  Doesn't matter who left how many comments about my grandson's death and their twisted version of why a memorial site was put up for my grandson, Donna was involved nonetheless.  Donna claims she only brought up my grandson once.  Sorry Donna before that FAKE Facebook was taken down due to its vulgarity and the talking of a deceased child, I took many screen shots of your RSS feeds that were placed on the page.  I just am so elated with your innocent act you have been betraying the past week, Donna.

Here is one, just one of the comments that were left on the FAKE Facebook that Michelle put up.

Here they are talking about my daughter, Angie and her son:

 Nice group you hang out with Donna.

Have many more where that came from too...


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