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Let's talk about Donna...

This is Donna known to others as STCB.  Well that is before her transformation into SimplyNotDivine on Twitter. And to think she calls me clown hair? Hmm....

But Donna gave me full permission in an email to post this photo on my blog. So I am obliging to her wishes.  Donna was upset when a chat room who was ran by SBD, a particular person was using an old pic of Donna while she was ill.  The photo they were using was Donna in bed with a bunch of pill bottles behind her.  Oh how they trashed her and called her a drug addict and all sorts of things!  I was quite appalled at the photo too... but this chat used many peoples photos as their icons and such.  They would use screen names degrading handicapped people and used deceased childrens names such as Caylee Anthony.

Just so it's clear I am using this photo of Donna LEGALLY below is the email she sent me giving permission to use it:

As you can read - Donna clearly gave permission to use her photo.

Now why am I so interested in presenting Donna to the world right now?  Well for starters, on her SimplyNotDivine Twitter she has stated some pretty nasty stuff!  Not only her NON involvement with doing searches on Alex Goddard and Tracey Roddy, but also make comments such as this:


As you can see by the date she posted this, and thinking I am this person simplyfulofit, she knew full well that my grandson passed away on Memorial Day.  She even sent me an email sending condolences!

CLICK to enlarge...

Nice FRIEND huh?
Yet not even 2.5 months later she begins a smear campaign on me as SimplyNotDivine on Twitter.  Why?  Got me.  Never spoke to her after that date of May 31, 2010.  Murt did send me some emails from her stating she was being investigated thanks to Murt and I and twitter accounts.  Before I post those let me say that this SimplyNotDivine Twitter account was created on August 3, 2010.  It may have started sooner but that is the first tweet I see.  But her emails are dated much later.  If she is being investigated why is she creating a fake Twitter name and at first pretending it was not her?  Here are the emails:

And Email number 2 CLICK to enlarge...

Now my question to Donna is with regard to these emails where did I state she accessed LexisNexis.  I didn't.  Another bold face lie.  But Donna is good at lies.  She states I was doing searches and such on Alex and Roddy?  Well, I will be putting up all the emails and chats Donna and I exchanged.  I will show how Donna was doing searches not only on Alex and her family.  But also the tax case.  I will show also how Donna found the sites for Mr. Roddy's son and his child support case.  In the chats you will see detail after detail of how she walked me through sites and stating things such as oh you need an attorney to access these and another statement of how she said one site you have to pay .08 cents to view each page and STATING she was going to after her hubby left the next day.

I will create a whole page dedicated to Donna and her information seeking skills.

But first let me show all how Donna came on board as SimplyNotDivine stating she is not STCB, then later revealing she was and didn't care if anyone knew...


But here after 100's of tweets she raised from the dead...

Yes Donna, everyone knows who you are.

So here are just a few for starters...


Click to enlarge



Hmmm admission of the Rip Off Report??


Oh Alex I have so much more of what Donna investigated on you...
Have many more on Tracey in my files...

Donna is going to pay for searches


Twitter Dashboard



Well, this certainly is an eye opener. Between Boogerocity and Donna, Princess and the gang sure have been under the microscope. This is everyone eating their young.

Could not happen to a better bunch.


Anonymous said...

Uhhh? WOW! Cant wait to see the rest. Donna doesn;t like Prinnie to much. Now she is on their team. I say she got scared and ran back gnome!

Annie said...

I see Donna has yet another twitter account just made yesterday. It is alleged that I gave a PASSWORD to LexisNexis. Not true, a lie. I do not have access to LN. I know of LN... but cannot view it. So all these people stating I accessed LN to gain info on others are lying.

I know about the NUMEROUS calls to the law firm I was employed with. BTW my employment there began in 1998 to end of 2000. I returned there a few times as a temp. Last time was this year under a new Office manager. This new office manager also has worked for this law firm for years. But at a different office. I was not a janitor. The last employment was for general office work and I left... I LEFT due to the commute was too far and I still was caring for my Mother in my home.

Many should get their stories right. But hey please tell me if the Office Manager or the law firm stated I was fired to any of you. And be bold enough to say who you are. At least when I contacted P.Chawla he wrote me back via email saying that a A. Goddard contacted the firm. Why don't you all say who called the firm? I am tired of these lies of LN. Again, no password was given, because I do not have access to LN.

Donna quit bringing up my grandson. You POS

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a bunch...lol. They all turn on each other faster than you can snap your fingers. And they're all so huge and pasty looking. Guess that's what happens when you sit at your computer all day and don't have a life. Sad really.

Anonymous said...

I see Donna admitted on Twit that she did post about yr grandson. Well at least she can tell the truth. I am sure whatever STCB will post will be altered. She has the best teacher/Prinnie. plus she says on twit that the Dms were deleted because she deleted that account. How nice for her! I would not believe a word coming from this bunch. STCB writes you about yr grandson then stabs you in the back at the same time. Just these screen shots shows what she was doing and me thinks she was playing both sides of the team. Rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

So a person who wants to StopTheCyberBullying was searching personal information on Princess and probably others. Isn't that hypocritical? Holy crap.

We thought she was a BFF of Princess, then turned on her and went to Murt, then went back to Princess. Who is she friends with today? This is sad. Princess needs to be aware of this person and her obvious lies.

This site is clearly showing proof of the lies and the false claims this person made about this Annie person. This was a great lunch break eye-opener. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Michelle McKee also had access to Lexis Nexis at a job she worked at too.

Who to say that Michelle isn't running Lexis Nexis reports on everything she feels like is a threat to her?

Remember at the time that Michelle and Alex became best buds Alex had a pretty popular blog going with BH. Michelle was a wanna be "real" writer at ICB. Wouldn't surprise me if Michelle's distorted mind looked at Alex as a threat to her in some way. Seems to me it wasn't too long after their friendship formed that BH's readers dropped dramatically.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmm???

Anonymous said...

This so called woman was one of the nastiest ,foul mouth members on bh. One of crybabys finest.Then she got the boot there ,not for being a foul mouth piece of trash ,but prinny said she betrayed her (ya think lol?)
Then back on the scene ,surgar couldn't have melted in her lying nasty mouth .Now she betrayed yet someone else and is back in crybabys good graces lol will you peeps never learn? Shes a back stabbing pos

Anonymous said...

Don't ya all find it funny that since Prinnie has left none of them or scratching Murts eyes out or mentioning Annie? Prinnie went on a trip and lets hope she stays there. Since she has been gone no one is smearing like they were. Makes it obvious who is pulling their puppet strings.

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